Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 7 was all about review

Our 7th week of school was a big review week for our reading class. We reviewed all of our reading skills and vocabulary covered perviously in Unit 1 of our reading series. With this review week we also presented our 1st of 6 Book Reports that student will complete over the school year. We also took our 1st Unit test in 2 parts on Thursday and Friday assessing all of the skills practiced. We then learned and practiced another part of our Daily 5 skills: Read to Someone. This skill allows students to become better readers and practice their fluency and prosody (or oral reading voices) while enjoying a book with their friends. Below are images of students practicing this new skill as well as a slideshow of students sharing their book reports.

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Math was all about comparing numbers this past week. We used our previous chapters skill of identifying place value to help compare numbers. Students traced and cut out their own greater than and less than symbols (> and <) to help them compare and they remembered that the "aligator mouth always faces the bigger number so he will get more to eat." Along with comparing numbers we learned our first of many dice games to build and compare numbers.

Next week we will review comparing numbers and move into basic addition and subtraction skills.

In Social Studies we finished up our map skills and started to discuss early explorers like Marco Polo and his important exploration. This next week we will continue to learn about and study explorers such as Christopher Columbus and the early settlers of the United States of America.

I would like to give 3 cheers to all those who have helped and participated in sending soil to our classroom for our soil map. We continue to put soil up and explore the different properties of soils from all around the United States.

Our soil map will stay on display in our classroom through the end of October and then it will be transfered outside of the main office to showcase it to the entire school. In science we have also studied evaporation, weather and seasons.

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